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Hesitating, she accepts Walter's offer to stay in the apartment, and the two develop a friendship. Walter confesses his life is unfulfilling; he dislikes the single course he has taught for twenty years, and the book he is allegedly writing is nowhere near completion.

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It is revealed that Mouna's journalist husband died following a lengthy politically motivated imprisonment in Syria, and she is concerned about her son's future prospects if he is deported. The two begin to share a simple domestic existence, with Mouna preparing meals and Walter treating her to The Phantom of the Opera when she mentions her love for the original cast recording Tarek sent her as a gift.

Without warning, Tarek is summarily deported back to Syria.

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Mouna, left with no one in the States, decides to follow him and to return to live there. On their final night, Mouna joins Walter for a comforting embrace in bed, blaming herself for all that has gone wrong.

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Walter sees her off at the airport the next day. Alone once again, Walter plays his drum on a subway platform, as Tarek once told him he himself would like to do some time. The story for the film started with the characters of Tarek and Walter. McCarthy wanted to have those characters interact and creating the story was like "putting pieces of a puzzle together. He says he had "an especially great connection with the people I met in Beirut" and didn't consider the immigration angle until he returned to New York City. The film was shot on location in New York City.

Scott of the New York Times observed, "The curious thing about The Visitor is that even as it goes more or less where you think it will, it still manages to surprise you along the way It is possible to imagine a version of this story And yet, astonishingly enough, Mr. McCarthy has.

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Much as The Station Agent nimbly evaded the obstacles of cuteness and willful eccentricity it had strewn in its own path, so does The Visitor , with impressive grace and understatement, resist potential triteness and phony uplift. He added, "All four actors are charismatic, in quite different ways Jenkins creates a surprisingly touching, very quiet, character study.

Not all actors have to call out to us. The better ones make us call out to them. His second film McCarthy puts a mark on each film, identifying it as distinctly his own. A couple more like them, and he'll be knighted an auteur Jenkins' multilevel performance is continually surprising The part of Walter was written for [him], and he inhabits it like a second skin. Oscar, take note.

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John Anderson of Variety wrote, "Some films click from the moment they're cast, and that is certainly the case with The Visitor Visitor tilts toward the soulful rather than the political, and could be this year's humanistic indie hit. The DVD was released on October 7, Viewers have the option of either widescreen anamorphic or fullscreen formats. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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