The Last Nukyi: Ultimate Hot War Battle (Book 2)

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From high above, an oversized winged creature with a metallic armoured body and what appeared to be a two-handed long sword held outstretched flew across the thunderous sky.

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Lord of Figure fully extended his formulated wings and took flight like an untameable, prehistoric beast of prey swooping in for a feast. Remember what I told you, Exsorbo called as he fused his hands together in an outstretched manner to absorb the excessive amount of energy emitted by Ferronkus that fuelled a fiery streak in the sky. Tom looked away as the heller crossed overhead. Tom said as he fisted through the curtain of smoke prepared for a surprise attack.

Ferronkus levitated from the glowing ash and transformed from a tar-like gel into a well-formed armoured body until he stood seven-plus feet. He extended a heavy two-handed sword like a weightless pointing instrument which appeared at least five feet in length and bloodstained and made of razor-sharp steel with one graceless hand gesture; then he popped open his glazed eyes and looked at his opposition. Nukyi, I see you have come to celebrate your new beginnings, Ferronkus said with a thick, demonic voice. The polished armour that covered his two-ton muscular torso caused the ground to settle with each monstrous step he took.

Ferronkus sneered arrogantly as he rammed the blade into the crusty soil. Your unworthy playmate got lucky, he said as he squeezed the temporary metal repair clamp at the base of his skull horn. This time, he laughed boisterously, I will make zero errors in judgment and claim my victory.

He is good; as he glanced back to Tom; no, he is the best; that is why he is the last of his genetically created kind. His eyes reconnected with Ferronkus as he said, Be smart and withdraw your foolish demands for his mortal soul. Stop with the amusement; I have first claim to this young Nukyi, Ferronkus snapped and snarled his sharp, dripping wet teeth at the genetic oddity.

If you want me, come and get me, Tom shouted across the contaminated air. Ferronkus yanked the blade from the baked ground and commenced to manoeuvre the weapon in a striking, rhythmic fashion. To harness the immense powers of the Nukyi, I must possess all of them. I am the strongest evil in this dimension; and the only evildoer able to control this universal, cosmic power.

He held up the tip of the soiled blade and locked his energy-swollen hands around the cold hilt of the tall sword. Fibrous strands of pure, unnatural muscle tissue bulged outwards from his arms and armoured shoulders as he wielded the double-edged immortal slaying tool from one dexterous hand to the other with flawless motions intended to display his effective abilities for slaying his opponents.

Tom commanded a rich assortment of all the fighting abilities gifted to the Nukyi Salients and prepared for the terror contest. I am the most powerful evil ever conceived, and no force here or beyond can stop me, he growled with pride.

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He stared at Tom with inflamed eyes as he held the gleaming blade outstretched. It will be mine to command for a hell-bent, millennium of eternities. Exsorbo was in human form. He barely stood five-feet-ten and weighed one-hundred eighty pounds, Tom estimated; Exsorbo was no match for Ferronkus; however, he attempted to step into the lopsided challenge.

I possess as much strength as Ferronkus; it is an illusion that your humanly trained perception makes it appear uneven. Enough games, Ferronkus called, and removed the payly power stick clipped to his belt and held up the mended tip toward the dark sky. His other hand gripped the hilt of the repaired sword. His powerful arms coordinated the two weapons, masterfully clanging them together to ignite a charge of energy, which mushroomed into an umbrella-like cloud of soft light.

Ferronkus laughed. One hot dig of the tip and your tender muscles will become cooked mush. Ferronkus laughed in a sinful tone as he launched forward to cause interdimensional havoc. The payly stick emitted sparks of energy and snapped with light flares as Ferronkus waved it with ruling authority. Exsorbo seemed to be no match for this beastly mutation. My young Nukyi, this is for the last time, Ferronkus roared as he pressed his bulky hand on the skinny metal strap that held his tar-cemented horn in place.

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Shut up! Exsorbo signalled the human quiet. Do not communicate with him because he will try to break your spirit. Like the other space soldiers, your Nukyi head is mine, Ferronkus taunted. His solid body armour shifted as he advanced; the steel created a cling-clanging tone the heavy burden of the armour slowed his natural pace, which increased his giant temper. Ferronkus was breathing like a snorting bull under the weight of the armour and temper.

Then feel my battle heat, he roared, as he pointed the blade upwards, tapping the energy from the endless night. A force from above surged through the steel and was absorbed into his evil blood. He lowered the long blade, apparently ready for battle. According to the laws of this dimensional wasteland, he cannot cross the line drawn in front of us, Exsorbo replied over his shoulder. It is you whom Ferronkus wants, but he must defeat me in order to get to you; therefore, before we can leave this world, the battle must begin, and we must initiate it.

There was a time long ago when good and evil were complimenting entities. Any memory of that agreement has all been forgotten, Exsorbo replied, as if trying to remember that forbidden era. Tom, you cannot see Ferronkus as I see him. I am like him with powers just as potent and wicked. Deep in your mind lies the secret about which Ferronkus has spoken. The most dangerous weapon a Nukyi Salient can possess is the key to Line-Cross. It is what makes you special; safeguard it, and never let it escape your mind; then Exsorbo transformed into The Be-Ing as Ferronkus charged forward with his massive hands guiding the two-handed sword in battle mode.

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Ferronkus and The Be-Ing clashed like veteran combatants. Ferronkus wielded the blade over his horned head to maximize his attack force as he struck The Be-Ing again and again. The Be-Ing fought back hard, striking its antagonistic brother with heavy blows to the neck and chest and crushed his foe into the hard ground. Ferronkus rose from the crater-like impression; he backed away from the beyond entity with a playful smirk, as if catching his wit; then he thrust the blade skywards and cried out Ty Ko.

The words echoed into the beyond--then faded into silence. Ferronkus stood there as if he were waiting for additional support. When the dust settled a few seconds later, the battlers stood apart. Ferronkus rested his hand on the hilt of his sword with the blade embedded in the ground. His eyes were like the colour of coal, and his skin tone was beginning to match his pupils.

Surrender now or suffer the wrath of my invincible bite, Ferronkus snarled. Ferronkus roared with unrelenting determination Cro Ku and eyed Tom; you are next, my Nukyi delight. A vigorous wind swooped down from the demonic sky and encased Ferronkus in a whirlwind of energy. The evildoer laughed out loud; it sounded like nuclear thunder. He raised his massive arms like he was going to reveal something deadly. His grotesque powers had spilled forth four roman-like gladiators. They stepped from behind Ferronkus, as if they were created from him; each stepped forward and separated; now there were eight battle slaves with blades who lined up in front of their evil master.

Their body armour was covered with a black tar-like substance that oozed from their exteriors onto the ground. These pests, as Tom remembered, were the same lifeless entourage that he had previously encountered; only this time there were more of them. He motioned forward but The Be-Ing demanded him back as Ferronkus trotted out his gladiators.

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Did you think I would challenge you alone? The master of evils laughed as he inspected his loyal attackers.

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The Be-Ing turned away from the horned beast; he was now facing the human. You must stay back out of the reach of their blades.

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Tom strengthened up. We must win this unfair bout. To do that, I must help you smash this evil bonehead and his army of battle buddies into the next world.