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The story is more than a treat, it is nothing short of a profound blessing, nearly prophetic in its gentle but potent truth-telling.

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Neuberger tells here a true story of a Catholic priest who is talking with the children of his parish — children of non-European descent. As they reflect on the creche scene, they children ask if Jesus really had blue eyes. This very clever priest, Father Prak, has this situation on his hands and invites the children to bring their own dolls to the nativity scene. Oh my, the glory of what happens and the great love this pen and watercolor artist put into her illustrating it is spectacular. It is fun and sobering, joyful and touching.

What a book. Please, please, give this a try. Buy a few and spread the word. No matter what you or your friends look like, no matter who they are, the Christ child is born for them. Do you believe this? Can you proclaim such the wide, wide mercy of God without having this conversation? This book is a tool to help, as the best stories always are. Highly recommended. Of course, it is a complicated matter to find books that retell the story well and that have illustrations that are well done and wise. For those that care about these things, we have this and a few others unique one published by Urban Spirit!

Interestingly, the angels are multi-ethnic, and Herod seems to be white, naturally. I do not want to say these are only for the African American market — nearly every church nursery in American has Bible stories of Jesus or Bible characters looking white. Why not supplement your church or family library with something like this. They are well done. My wife collects little pebbles many places she goes as both memory stones and as decoration. We have for several years promoted a breathtaking book with bi-lingual English and Arabic text about immigrants, where all the artwork is made with stones.

That is nearly miraculous and very poignant. This new one by Patti Rokus tells the nativity story and it, too, is very good although pretty straight-forward. However, given the surprising way the stones are configured to make animals and manger, angels and people, it will surely capture the attention of children and adults. At the end, there is a very nice note from the author who tells of her love of the outdoors, her journey into found stone art, and how we can bring our children into deeper faith by allowing then to interact with nature.

She has a website and hopes to foster ongoing nature art. What will you create with rocks? I like this author a lot — she has a bunch of videos and even guide on how to do this art. Here she is making a nice explanation of why it matters, getting kids find a connection to God by creating with the creator. Enjoy a short video: here. We are theologically dissimilar in many ways but I so admire his eagerness to do creative stuff and speak with theological depth into the issues of the day. It follows the lectionary readings for Advent, and so is very, very Biblical.

There are little devotional sentences on each page which are footnoted so you can explore more of why the art is created as it is, and why the paraphrase of the lectionary texts are done as they are. Can children and families use this detailed, serious coloring book? For those with older children or teens, of course. I think so. Breath deep, have fun.

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Chris Rodkey and Natalie Turri. It has some vital theological interpretation, brave portrayal of complicated Scriptural stories, and a section of pages to color the feminine images of God from the Bible. We describe some shipping options at the order form page, but US mail is working just fine. Just follow the link, below to place orders, easily. We think they are helpful and good to know about. Here are some that are mostly quite new, all on sale and ready to ship.

There are some essays here, some Bible studies, other writings and sermons galore, for every special day of the season and then some.

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A few of the sermons are recent, some older, typed up from her old manuscripts — a labor of love! Those of us who have heard the Reverend Rutledge preach know how good she is. Those of us who have heard her lecture or met her in person know how gracious and interesting she is. Those who have read her books — from the extraordinary The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ to her excellent collections of sermons one on preaching the Old Testament, one of sermons on Romans, one that is a general collection, one a study of Tolkien, one on the last words of Christ — all know how wise and interesting and informative and valuable they are.

As we noted when we first announced this new book earlier this fall, there are just pages of endorsing blurbs, good quotes from across the theological spectrum, but mostly from those I trust the most. Smith, there are so many who insist this book is well worth having. A timely, lively prophetic word. This one, like that one, is a square-sized, small paperback, about pages, making it a truly delightful gem to carry in a purse or backpack or to give as a simple gift.

But, yet, it is rich, with full-color artwork for each day of Advent.

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The art is reproduced nicely, the paper is glossy but still lighter weight. It is such a great little volume to hold and glance through.

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Importantly, though, these are rich, insightful meditations, nicely written, Biblically-based, each using a painting or artwork as a springboard to reflect on living well and out of Advent hope. Mellitus College in the UK. By the way, there are plenty of masterpieces shown here. Many of the paintings, though, again, some Advental, some Christmassy, and some seemingly not are most likely not immediately familiar. There are some contemporary pieces and several by non-Western artists including Julia Stankova and Meg Roe and the marvelously colorful He Qi. To see medieval tapestries or ancient icons next to very modern pieces is just so great.

The mix of old and new is wonderful. To ponder what this theologian sees in the Biblical text inspired by these paintings is a blessing. It is an inexpensive way to become familiar with great paintings, to learn about certain artists, and to see how to exegete them with Biblically-trained eyes and a Christian mind. Each meditation is paired with a moving reproduction of classic art, nicely reproduced on rich, glossy paper.

In this mature and artful presentation, it reminds us of the early now out of print Paraclete classic God With Us. Like that one, this is a treasure to behold. Wounded in Spirit stands out not only because of the subtly lavish design but because of its amazing content and spirit. David Bannon writes from profound personal experience, offering ways to commune with God through Scripture. He also tells some poignant stories of artists who lived through great pain. He himself has gone through some very odd stuff, and much grief. His adult daughter died of a drug overdose even as his own professional life was in difficulty.

I could review this book in great detail, but I suppose you get the picture — it is very handsome, mature, thoughtfully spiritual and honest about the great brokenness of our lives, of our society, of our times. That is uses artwork to help us get there is such a blessing as sometimes words just fail. This book is a gift for the hurting, but a gift for any of us who feel what we feel these days.

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Because this book deserves to be known and taken seriously, allow me to excerpt a quote from the good Christian Century review written by Elizabeth Palmer:. The upcoming holiday season will magnify loneliness, anxiety, and grief. Many Advent devotionals speak about darkness and light. Blue Christmas applies those familiar metaphors to those who really are full of hurt and fear and disappointment. He offers Scripture and prayers, meditations and concrete action steps to walk through the darkness during this time of year.

It includes questions for personal reflection or group discussion and a worship service plan for congregational use. Pastors — you need to have this on hand to share with those God brings across your path this month.

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Come Let Us Adore Him came out last year, but many missed hearing about it so we wanted to highlight it again. As one reviewer says, it does well what we should want in such a book — it offers solid theology that yields to profound devotion and doxology. By the way, there is at the end of each daily reading a suggestion for further study and some guidance for parents of younger children. This is really an amazing study and we simply do not know anything else like it.

Home for Christmas is extraordinary for a number of reasons. We all have longings for home, desires for a more profound, lasting experience of hope, love, joy, and peace. If you let these formerly incarcerated or gang-affiliated men and women tell their stories, these themes just might come alive in fresh ways for many of us.

This is a trim sized hardback that feels nice in the hand and looks nice. Do you know the letter Mark Twain wrote from Santa to his three-year old daughter?

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