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Marvin's Dead: A woman mourns the man she loves.

Jahannam: A young man pays a ransom for his kidnapped father, and waits at the morgue for news. Font of Youth: A man discovers immortality, alone.

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Four Degrees Above Freezing: A detective questions a man who found a chilled corpse. Falstaff: Sir John is the King's man.

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Check Out: A former killer-for-hire hides out after being unable to fulfill a contract. Fainting Game: A man becomes obsessed tracking the deaths of several young boys. Murder on Holiday: While on holiday, a serial-killer's activities lead to the birth of Jack The Ripper's myth. Blood spilled in the fights — which are often a staple in temple ceremonies — is considered a sacrifice. Indeed, far from the madding crowd of Ubud and a few other big towns like Padang Bai, is usually an even madder one. But you have to be willing to find it.

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The Balinese can be suspicious of opinionated bule sticking their noses in everything, so it may require several approaches before a welcome beckons. Once trusted, access to certain barns, jungle clearings, and temples follow. These gatherings can range from , men no women allowed , standing on terraces around a dusty ring. The tension is sky-high from the off: manic gesticulations from betting men; an almost self-parodic series of emotional fireworks from sweaty spectators; then intense frowns crumpling the faces of swaggering owners whose money and machismo is on the line too.

However, animal welfare is a global concern, not just the province of a few chakra-bleating New Agers, and so deserves serious attention.

‘Cockfight Play,’ Directed by James Macdonald, at the Duke

The waters are muddied in this respect mostly because the ethics of cockfighting is really a conversation about the ethics of development. Societies that have replaced animal cruelty on a festival level with cruelty on a mass scale in food production hardly occupy the moral high ground, yet neither does the weight of custom excuse gratuitous injury and death. Nowadays, honor might get short shrift from a West that deems it anachronistic but, like many things in the world, it is actually double-edged.

It can be used to excuse terrible things such as vendettas, yet also to sustain trustworthy and predictable behavior in societies with no strong legal framework. The West, it could be argued, is suffering a very expensive societal asphyxiation from a lack of honor and its close cousin, trust.

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