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The song was performed by Mark Salling as his character Puck. The Simpsons episode " Kamp Krusty " had an excerpt of the song's refrain used during Bart's dream sequence with the destruction of Springfield Elementary on its last day of school before summer vacation, and in the episode I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can , Principal Skinner sings his own version - "School's back in session, let's begin our lesson! Cooper performs the song as the closing act of his episode on The Muppet Show where he dances with various large Muppet monsters who gleefully act out his lyrics, including causing numerous explosions.

The song was also performed in the finale of the ninth season of American Idol by Idol contestants and Cooper himself.


The live version from Classicks is featured as downloadable content in Rock Band 3. Pop duo Daphne and Celeste released a cover of the song in , although much of this cover is original, in a pop-rap style. The chorus is based on that in Alice Cooper's version, and some other elements of it have been retained as well. The single is remixed from the version released on their album We Didn't Say That! School's Out was their first and only single released in Japan.

It was the first release from their album Beyond Hell.

School's Out - Alice Cooper - Ouvir Música Ver A Letra No Kboing

It was released as a digital download through services such as iTunes and eMusic, and as a promotional CD sent to radio stations. The band has stated in several interviews that they had not intended on recording a cover song for Beyond Hell , but the record company insisted that they do a cover that might get some airplay, and would be accessible to a wider audience than their first choice for a single, "Eighth Lock". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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High School Musical 2 - What Time Is It?

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School's Out (song)

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