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It was time for introductions. Totaling sixteen, the group was a combination of ropers, barrel racers, children's ministry members, writers, photographers and support staff.

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We could instantly feel everyone's excited, giddy energy. Each new person we met greeted us with a friendly smile and a bright, "Hello! The plane ride from Dallas, Texas to Sydney, Australia lasted about sixteen hours. Many people have told to us that they would go crazy on a plane for that long, but we enjoyed it.

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How often do you get sixteen hours of free time to yourself? No phone, no internet, no distractions.

Just you and the free Quantas Airlines entertainment. Through a combination of sleeping, reading, movie watching and eating, the flight passed quickly. It was a short hop, lasting just over an hour. When we touched down in Brisbane, Queensland - the "Sunshine State" of Australia - we grabbed our bags and headed outside to meet Chris, our Australian contact. Chris played a leading role in making the trip possible, and he and his wife Georgie were waiting with smiling faces and a twelve passenger bus.

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We loaded all of our bags and hit the road to Toowoomba. In Queensland, the locals say the weather is "beautiful one day and perfect the next. As our group ate dinner together that night, we asked Chris about the culture, people and customs of the country. He was tremendously helpful, sharing with us the best ways to relate to the people we'd be hosting the next day.

Saddle Up and Soar

After a good meal, we all hit the hay, exhausted after nearly 36 hours of travel and set up. Saturday morning dawned crisp and clear. We gathered as a group and prayed for the attendees who would come to the clinic and for the whole country of Australia. We asked God for wisdom and strength to best meet the needs of the wonderful people we'd meet that day and for true seeds of relationship and love to be planted.

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People began arriving, Shelly shared a few words to welcome everyone to the clinic and then each clinician broke off with their students. Barrel racing clinician Tana Poppino used her Aussie mount, Star Fire, to demonstrate various movements and fundamentals. WPRA World Champion header Penny Conway worked with a group of young team ropers, teaching them the basics of building and holding their loops, swinging over their heads, delivering the throw and catching the horns. Heeling clinician Trey Johnson takes a moment to point out the importance of hand position to students at Saturday's clinic.

But his story extends to a group of people who made an impact on the whole world. Poe shares his Foreign Mission Board autobiography to detail his salvation experience and life before the mission field. The narrative from long ago includes stories of his first sermon and how God led him to his wife, Eleanor.

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He carefully documents events and includes numerous photographs. But mostly, Joe Poe just tells the story of how God molds and uses his choice servants.

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Steve Miller has provided a good deskmate for those times when God provides a spare moment to focus on him. It is short, to the point and scripturally based.

The author introduces readers to the benefits of praising God as he reveals himself through Scripture. Miller then leads them to practice praise by praying Scripture back to God. Miller has prefaced each section with quotes from noted authors like A. Tozer, A. Pink and John MacArthur. Anyone will profit from this small volume.

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You will find that it will be a useful tool and not just a one-time read. We seek to inform, inspire and challenge you to live like Jesus. Click to learn more about Following Jesus. Send an email to Eric Black, our editor.