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In college, I lived an overnight flight away from my parents. I was fortunate enough to fly home several times a year, but I always felt like a complete zombie functioning on minimal sleep in a different time zone—on both ends of the trip. So, how can you survive and even thrive on a red-eye or long-haul flight?

I like using the window as something to lean on. Your seat neighbor will thank you for not leaning on them instead. If you wake up to noise easily, stay as far from the galleys as possible. Flight attendants work in the galleys during the flight and it can get noisy.

And frequent lavatory users should always take an aisle seat. You can use the aircraft seat map if you want to book a seat close to a lavatory as well. This sets me up to sleep better at night.

It's easier to organize these when you are fresh and have more elbow room than when you are bleary-eyed and woozy. Airplane food varies considerably in quality, and if you're hungry you'll also have trouble sleeping. I wash my face, brush my teeth and put comfortable clothes on.

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I bring multiple layers in case I get cold and in case the airline doesn't give out blankets! Not so much, in my opinion. But that really does raise an interesting question, in my book — how do you define a redeye? Is it based on the length of the flight at least x hours , the time it departs late at night , the time it arrives early in the morning , or what?

The Lengths I’ll Go To Avoid A Domestic Redeye

Is it defined by whether you would reasonably go to bed upon landing or not? Why do I ask?

I feel like a giddy six year old on Christmas Eve. Anyway, Hyatt has broken the silence on Facebook, and written that we can expect…. The first event…. I've flown a countless number of times between the New York area and London, but there was something that made this flight unique -- this was my first time ever taking an….

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I just wrapped up my last trip report, and now it's time to get started with the next one! Unfortunately this trip doesn't involve road tripping with Tiffany through Transylvania, but rather this is intended to just be a really efficient review trip,…. In this post I wanted to talk about something I'm very passionate about -- good coffee.

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Since I travel all the time, am constantly jetlagged, and am an early riser, I'm going to keep this focused on the core of the blog, and talk specifically about good…. Earlier I wrote a post about the airlines I'll soon be reviewing, which I'm looking forward to, since there are quite a few fun ones on the list. As I take that trip, in this post I wanted to write about the lounges I'm most excited to review in the….

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about 10 airlines I still want to review in As I explained, it has been a slow year of reviews for me due to my mom's health situation. But I also want to make sure that I can get you guys the content you've been asking…. It's not every day that you get to fly out of a brand-new terminal on its first day open, but that is precisely what I, and thousands of other passengers, experienced in New Orleans on Wednesday, November 6th.

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Due to a stroke of luck or misfortune,…. He travels about , miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class experiences. Story from Travel. Unless you have the funds to live it up on premier class, commercial flying is often an unglamorous activity. Red-eye flights — the ones that leave around midnight and arrive early in the morning — are simply the worst.

It's tough to feel great and look fresh after having your sleep cycle disrupted, especially if you're expected to continue your day at work after you touchdown.