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Telling personal stories and connecting with the human element is what draws many people into photography in the first place, but telling personal stories can be difficult. In this workshop, you will strengthen your personal vision and work on an ongoing or new project. You will share your work in an intimate session and learn about the many new ways we can tell visual stories using the new means we have at our disposal, including photography, motion, and sound. We will do both individual and group critiques of what you shoot during the workshop, but you will also have the opportunity to get feedback on other projects you might have ongoing.

If you want to grow and develop your work to a new level, this workshop will change your life. There will be an emphasis on helping students develop their personal vision and unique styles. As Ed Kashi and Ilvy Njiokiktjien both specialize in telling human stories, they will share with you their unique visual styles and approaches. They will show examples of many personal projects, commissions for NGOs and foundations, and their editorial work for major publications.

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We will look at photographs, multimedia, and short films. We will also invite a guest lecturer who will explain more about how to get your story out there, and how to become entrepreneurial about your photography. Share your work and familiarize us with each other, going over our personal history and goals in life and with our work. Goals of the workshop. Camping in the eco-village made me feel incredibly connected to nature and I loved waking up to the sound of the birds every morning. Although I was only there for three weeks, I felt very connected to the people around me.

I can honestly say that being there changed me for the better. If you are interested in community, permaculture, and off-grid living, then I cannot recommend this place highly enough! Kashi is a calm, quiet and respectful place with amazing vegetarian organic food.

We got to enjoy both nature and the community itself. We learned a lot about permaculture have experienced working with plants, flowers, vegetables and with everything else involved weeding, mulching, composting etc. Living in the eco-village was a great adventure and we enjoyed cooking, talking and sitting around the bonfire with friends we met there.

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Be prepared for a real off-grid camp and just have fun! Kashi was definitely one of the best wooffing places we visited- our whole conception of farming has changed and developed there. Thanks a lot! Daniella and Sarai" February They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. I learned so much here about sustainability, permaculture, spirituality, and myself, all the things that are most important in life.

Thank you to this special place and all the wonderful people in it! Sustainable Kashi is a wonderful place. Everyone is so welcoming and full of love. During my time, I got to experience amazing Swami food and my first ever Farmers Market.

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I will miss it very much and may come back for a visit. The people here are just that wonderful.

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Much love to all of the staff and residents. Thank you all so much for welcoming me with open hearts.

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  • Bless you all. My time there was life changing. I learned so much about growing food in the subtropics and permaculture practices. The grounds are magical and the EcoVillage living accommodations are great.

    There were many sweet camp fires with live music and delicious meals, conversations under the stars, beach trips, and diverse spiritual events. I feel so grateful for the experience, the meaningful relationships with people and plants that were made and nurtured, and the insight into the spiritual community.

    I'm grateful for the opportunities to learn and connect with nature, the loving community here, my yoga practice, and the whole permaculture team. Terry is an incredible teacher that guides with patience, humor, and an openness to share his knowledge and passions. I will definitely miss Kashi's magical food, nature, sunsets, and community. Thank you Terry Hanuman for everything!

    Kashish Yoga

    I have never been in a more joyful, positive, and peaceful environment, and it was so contagious! Terry is an awesome person who thought me so much about gardening, permaculture, living a life that makes you happy, and much more. I would recommend wwoofing at this special place to anyone. Thank you again for the life changing 3 weeks that you, Terry and everyone else at Kashi made so" March I came to get away from northern winters and learn yoga. I found a community which taught me that just having land and food will not be enough unless I have someone to share it with.

    Come to Kashi for: great healthy vegetarian meals, prepared by a chef with decades of experience; access to hundreds of total years of yoga and meditation knowledge from many great instructors; beautiful spiritual ceremonies morning and evening, which you are welcome but not pressured to attend; and for a feeling of inclusion in a community that has a shrine for nearly every creed. I learned more from Terry in a month than I had in 29 years. If you're noticing a trend here, it is that a lot of people with decades of experience in many areas have come to Kashi and stayed to teach others about the things they love.

    I wish I could be back at Kashi now, and I will return. The people are amazing, not to mention the permacultre program. I stayed one week and was welcomed so humbly by everyone. The work is great and diverse, there is a nice break for lunch. The land is incredible and Terry is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot here. Thank you! I'd love to come back : " January Sustainable Kashi offers volunteer programs in which dedicated students can camp in our off-grid eco-village and learn hands on skills for living more directly connected to nature.

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    This three week program includes healthy vegetarian food, yoga 5 days a week, and experiencing community living. Download and fill out application here. A couple who recently spent time at Kashi as part of the ongoing Sustainable Kashi program, wrote this great blog piece. Click here. Sustainable Kashi is starting its season again as the heat begins to dissipate! Join us on Wednesdays, pm for a free community based Permaculture experience. Over the 5 years that Sustainable Kashi has being offering Wwoofing World Wide Opportunties for Organic Farming opportunities, many people have passed through from all different countries and backgrounds.

    Here is some of their feedback about their experiences. Thank you Terry Hanuman for managing this wonderful program! Rob Greenfield visited Sustainable Kashi and released this video to demonstrate the work they are doing. It highlights their work growing food, connection to the earth, and teaching people the skills needed to live a regenerative and abundant life. Currently we don't have any animals on site! The teachings of Kashi Ashram are based on kindness, compassion and service, embracing the sacred practices of many traditions in the lineage of Ma Jaya and Neem Karoli Baba.

    Kashi is a c3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible. Kashi Staff. Kashi blogs. This Lifetime. Kashi School of Yoga. Kali Natha Yoga.