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The scene represents a breakthrough of sorts, where T'Pol has become one of Us. Whether that's desirable is a matter of perspective: One hopes she will still remain an alternative voice, but it's nice to see that T'Pol has become more comfortable with her role among humans. The episode also gives the carnage on Earth a direct character connection by placing Trip's younger sister among the missing and presumed dead.

There's a potent image of the destruction in Florida seen close up by Trip and Malcolm. We're naturally reminded of images of ground zero following the destruction of the World Trade Center. Some may wonder whether this is appropriate as entertainment, but I believe it works because the story takes its fictional concept seriously. The fact that something awful has happened is not simply a backdrop for an adventure though it is that as well , but also given its due weight.

The characters react believably, and handheld camera work in the early scenes sets the mood of emotional disarray. I could sense in these scenes the feeling of something genuinely wrong. Archer, particularly early in the episode, is understandably emotional and aggressive. And there's obviously a character arc in the making for Trip that could change him dramatically. He's bitter and wants to "blow the hell out of these bastards when we find them.

The question is whether they will be adequately addressed and whether they fit in the context of this series.

Star Trek Enterprise 2×26 – The Expanse

Shoehorned in here is a weirdly structured subplot involving the Klingons, who dispatch the dishonored Duras Daniel Riordan on a mission of potential redemption: to track down Archer, who by now is an infamous enemy who has twice escaped the Klingon Empire's clutches " Judgment ," " Bounty ". This subplot has little to do with anything else, except peripherally. The Klingons show up at the beginning and the end, and serve as stand-ins for the sake of demonstration. At the beginning they invade Earth's solar system to try to capture Archer, only to be chased off by Starfleet defense vessels this raises the question of what kind of defenses were in place prior to the Xindi attack, and if security has been beefed up since then.

The Klingons appear again at the end, to chase the Enterprise as it enters the expanse and provide the crew a chance to test the new torpedoes. During the climactic battle with the Klingons, the bridge scenes are shot with the camera's shutter speed increased, resulting in a strobe effect — a method made fashionable by Saving Private Ryan 's war footage, and imitated ad nauseam since. I don't know about its use here; watching sparks explode on the bridge is not exactly war footage.

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The nature of the plot forces the episode to span months of time, with all the unimportant travel scenes left out. This allows the story to cover a lot of ground in one hour, perhaps too much. It doesn't feel like months of time are passing, and the Klingons apparently are staying with the Enterprise through this entire time, showing up on cue when it's time for action. One touch I appreciated, which exists basically apart from the plot, is a scene where we see the construction on the next warp-5 starship, the NX, which Admiral Forrest says will be ready for launch in 14 months.

Star Trek Enterprise S 02 E The Expanse / Recap - TV Tropes

It's nice to see this seed finally planted. Still, I'm beginning to wonder now if Enterprise can ultimately emerge as a legitimate prequel series. Unlike season one, season two has granted itself fairly liberal latitude in playing fast-and-loose with the franchise history, and "The Expanse" is perhaps the most extreme example to date.

The notion that 7 million people could be killed here and yet this attack, the Xindi, and the Delphic Expanse can all be unheard-of elements in the Trek canon is nothing short of ludicrous. Of course, since there's a temporal cold war connection, timeline games can presumably write it off.

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This is a strong season-ender with some promising elements and a notable dose of true feelings, but it also represents an extreme shift in the Trek universe that the writers will likely have to approach with a certain restraint and caution. Irony of ironies — here I am recommending restraint and caution for Enterprise. That's a good thing, I suppose. And this is a weapons test.

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So, yes, you could say they have my attention. But what kind of action? Iirc, something like a positron moving forward is like the same as an electron moving backward. They could perhaps just be reading an electron back to its source or something. Ir maybe not This was the episode that broke the camel's back and forced this ole trekki to stop watching Enterprise every week only occasionally from now on. The blatent disrespect that the writers showed for the timeline was simply unacceptable and something that I and many others would not stand for. It is a shame that Enterprise's potential was squandered on this whole Xindy arc!

Just lost all hope in the revival of the Franchise at this point :. Bush, striding along in a flightsuit with a mouthful of righteous anger phases and a stuffed codpiece. Seriously, what marred the emotional impact of the episode for me was the fact that the Xindi arrive to attack Earth and of course they attack the former United States! I can see the Xindi attacking the northern hemisphere because there's more landmasses there than in the southern one, but the question remains: Why did they aim so badly? Seriously, if I had crossed half the galaxy to test out my prototype!

Alright, so they got Florida. Apparently the Xindi came to Earth to wage war on manatees. You might say the Xindi got their pre-emptive war in a bit early. But if you want to wipe out a species including all their offplanet colonies you better try a biological agent instead of slicing and dicing the planetary crust. So this was a stupid move, obviously designed to make the Xindi into targets.

Just as the Mercator maps of Earth hanging in American schools are different from the one hanging in European schools, as far as I know I may be wrong, but I've seen such maps on TV. I didn't mind this episode, but the Xindi arc killed the series for me. I gave up in the first half of the third season, having watched the first two seasons episode by episode.

In the real world, the attacks weren't from nowhere. If the series had set up the Xindi in the first or second season, there would have been a lot more resonance. Guess who's in the center? Of course they're messing with the timeline. The whole point of this is to launch the temporal cold war arc into full swing. Oh, and almost no Mercator maps in the US have us in the center. It makes no sense. This type of map is designed around the concept of longitude and latitude.

Of course the equator and prime meridian are going to be in the middle. The Japan-central map seems to defeat the purpose, too. But, then again, Japan is even more xenophobic that Americans. And, anyways, of course they're going to attack the former US. For one thing, the characters are all American check out their accents. And for another, the primary audience is American. To help us feel what they feel that their home has just been attacked , they have to give use the same feeling. In fact, I suspect the reason christina is upset is because it didn't attack her part of the world.

After seing the same old same on in season 1 on cbs. I quickly and eagerly jumped anticipating the new story arc from The Expanse forward! Yes everything is rushed.. Archer totally changed into a different person for sure.

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I guess times have changed. I sorta missed the reasoning as to why the Klingons were after Enterprise Regarding the maps thing, it's quite common for the home continent of the map maker to put that continent centrally. I live in Japan too, and yes, many times you will see a map here that puts Japan in the centre.

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Equally, I have seen maps where the Americas are central and Asia is split in two on either side of the map, although both of those variants are less common than the traditional and correct way of having Britain in the middle then again, I am British so I would say that. And Malcolm and Hoshi would disagree with the assertion that all of the characters are American.

Malcolm even has a local accent!

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This was a pretty decent episode that brought about some interesting changes and was still quite entertaining while doing it. Starfleet's still too small and where were all those little ships at the end of next season? Oh well.

Those thermobaric clouds would have been nice background detail for the rest of the season, maybe a bit too much like the nekrit expanse, but i think would've given a much more otherworldly feel. Using the Xindi as antagonists is smart since it leaves it open to what happens to the aliens. I think some viewers forget that this is an American show made for American viewers, so there would be an obvious american focus.

But that beamed looked it sliced through cuba and venezuela. And BSG you might remember had Africa quite prominently, but whatever. I sorta wish the timetravel had been toned down to a communicating through time thing rather than the physical time travel, otherwise why not just build the entire weapon in the future and transport it back. But that's just a small criticism for a pretty good episode!

Marco P.

Mon, Mar 28, , am UTC Strangely enough, I found this one actually entertaining. Yet at least I'm intrigued and curious to see where things will go. I do have to comment on some of the previous notes by readers here, writing "this is what killed it for me", "after this I'm not watching Enteprise again", etc. An actual storyline? I am speechless. Christina from the past: I have lived in America all my life and have never, ever seen a map of the world with the United States in the center and Asia cut in half on the edges. The standard map you always see has the US on the left and Europe and Asia on the right, and the cut-off point is somewhere between Alaska and Russia.

I think you are the unfortunate victim of some sort of anti-American propaganda.