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Hubris, thy name is Boris.

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Yes, a grotesque hubris for Johnson, with no legitimacy, to think that he can railroad Britain out of the European Union on Oct. But the people voted for this in the referendum!

No, they did not. They voted for the smooth, orderly exit promised by Johnson and his ilk. Britain, as Gyimah and others have now demonstrated, is still a parliamentary democracy.

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Parliament is not a dispensable inconvenience sitting at the whim of the talented Mr. Now, cornered, Johnson wants an Oct.

Johnson has lost Scottish Tories; he needs those seats for a majority. This bumbling has not gone unnoticed in the Britain beyond Little England.

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Still, Johnson is right about one thing: Britain needs an election. An election would in effect be a form of referendum on the vote. The problem is that Mr. Overreach at No. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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