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June 29, When the Prophet informs Kyra that she is destined by God's will to marry her uncle, who already has a number of wives and is considerably older than her, she suddenly begins to question the very foundation upon which she was brought up. Believing that her sins - reading books from outside the Compound, in love with a boy from their group, thoughts of escaping - have caused this to happen, Kyra find herself entangled within the thoughts of what it real and what is normal.

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While she goes through her daily life, the reader can watch how she changes and begins to question the very things that had seemed normal at the beginning of the book to her. Kyra's character is developed wonderfully and the voice IS that of a scared but hopeful thirteen year old. The Chosen One. June 28, Martin's Griffin Pages: Rating: 5 stars Thirteen-year-old Kyra has grown up in an isolated polygamous community without questioning her fathers three wives and her twenty brothers and sisters. Or at least without questioning them muchif you dont count her secret visits to the Mobile Library on Wheels to read forbidden books, or her meetings with the boy she hopes to choose for herself instead of having a man chosen for her.

But when the Prophet decrees that Kyra must marry her year-old unclewho already has six wivesKyra must make a desperate choice in the face of violence and her own fears of losing her family.

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This was such a compelling, powerful book of choice and rebellion. The Chosen One has such strong emotions that kept you thinking and feeling for Kyra the main character the entire book. With The Chosen One, there were varying shades of gray, everything wasn't just black or white. It made the book so much better. The Chosen One was one of those books that after you read, the plot still keeps reeling in your mind.

The fact that Kyra "escapes" with her books if another thing that really draws you in. The Chosen One isn't just a book, it's a story that's a long trek of emotions.

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It was a great read, that carries you to the end of the book, captivating you, making you read wanting more. This is a must read! Choose to read this book! May 29, Reader reviewed by mearley Polygamy seems to be a hot topic lately, and this is the first YA book I've seen that deals with the subject. Kyra is a typical teenager in some aspects; she takes piano lessons, watches her brothers and sisters, and is experiencing her first crush. On the other hand, she lives with her father and his three wives and his 21 kids, and she has rarely, if ever, left the jurisdiction of the Prophet.

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While walking one day, Kyra notices a Bookmobile. The Prophet has banned all books except the Bible, but something makes Kyra stop.

She discovers the joys of reading Dr. Seuss, Katherine Patterson, and J. Kyra is consumed with guilt over reading this forbidden material as well as her secret trysts with Joshua, a boy from her community. When The Prophet announces he has had a vision that Kyra is to marry Hyrum, her year-old uncle, Kyra takes her rebellion even further. Although what Kyra needs to do may seem obvious to many readers, Williams manages to make us agonize over the decision with her. Kyra's family, unnatural as it may seem, is truly loving. Kyra adores her father who proves he will even try to stand up to the Prophet on her behalf until the rest of his family is threatened.

She loves her siblings even though she is annoyed by the lack of privacy in such a large family, and she even gets along with all of her father's wives. Although marriage to Hyrum is inconceivable to Kyra, she also cannot fathom leaving her family behind, never to see them again. There are some parts to this book that are difficult to read. Kyra's punishment for her rebellion is brutal. Even more disturbing is the way Kyra's baby sister, Mariah, is punished for crying when the Prophet came to visit.

Because of these scenes, I would only recommend this for high school students and adults. May 26, Reader reviewed by LaTonya M. Then, I thought about what it meant to read and review a new release that has gotten favorable early reviews. Ive given this real thought and effort. I look forward to hearing if you find something useful in my review. The Chosen One is a sympathetic tale.

Its about year-old Kyra who has been told she must marry her year-old uncle, an Apostle among the Chosen Ones. The story is the archetype of a clear victim and bus load of bad guys.

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In this case, theyre church leaders, nasty old men who want child brides. Its about a practice that the majority of society frowns upon- polygamy. All this adds up to a pretty straightforward tale of personal courage, harrowing action and a hopeful ending. The expectations are formed before you even begin the read. While I expected a tearjerker I also hoped for depth, some layers or revelations about the faith and its members.

What the author provides are secondary characters who add additional opportunities for the reader to sympathize: a budding romance busted up, a miscarriage and Kyras family threatened. Speaking of secondary characters, Kyra has two older brothers. Where are they in all this? Why introduce these characters but not give them roles in the novel? The contemporary story mirrors what has been published already about fringe religious communities.

While Kyras point-of-view is honest, she provides no insights or an intimate view of the faith which would help the reader understand why followers embrace the faith. The story never gets complicated. Kyra is a sympathetic character. You want her to escape and she does.

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But emotion alone cannot carry a novel. Not for this reader. Kyra can play Mozart, but this story fails to rise above more than a childrens song. There is no duplicity, no shades of good and evil. There is only a single note: root for Kyra. The entire novel focuses on how Kyra feels and how she escapes. One reviewer commented that she doubted Kyra could have used a cell phone so easily, but we know that the sect did not shun technology. They had computers and wide screens in the offices. Families didnt have access but its not far-fetched to think theyve never used them.

They werent always closed off.

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And Patrick, the driver who tries to help her gives Kyra pretty easy directions to how to use it. More troubling for me is the escape scene. We know from Kyra that the God Squad has killed members or run them off before, and being a closed community they could get away with it, but Patrick is an outsider, a man with a family. He is a county employee.

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His absence would draw attention from authorities. Why would the God Squad treat Kyra differently than Ellen the adulterer or the boys theyve dropped off in the desert to die?

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Kyra has been warned, beaten and her family threatened. By the time she attempts the escape why isnt she killed? Because not killing her means a happy ending and that feels grossly contrived to me. Lastly, the transitions between scenes often felt stilted or abrupt. The additional white spacing was not an effective segue to new thoughts or scenes.

At times I had to re-read the last line of preceding paragraphs to see if I missed a transition. Stylistically, the writing is competent but there arent any memorable lines and the construction is not impressive.

The inner dialogue and brief accounts of past memories are either too brief or awkward. They add little. The Chosen One does tug your heartstrings. If you enjoy a tearjerker and emotion is enough, youll enjoy this. I had hoped for more. A Fantastic Choice. May 03, Reader reviewed by Deltay Carol Lynch Williams' The Chosen One has been the recipient of a multitude of high praise, despite the fact that it has yet to be released. In fact, right on the cover of the ARC edition, it's referred to as "compelling", "powerful", "a masterpiece", "an important book" With heralds like that, one begins the book with high expectations.

Despite that, The Chosen One does not disappoint. In fact, it even surpassed those high expectations, for the most part. Just a random side observation - this is also a book written in present tense; how uncanny!