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Author Matthew Field has released a new, updated edition of his definitive book about the comedy crime classic " The Italian Job ". The profusely illustrated book features a foreword by Sir Michael Caine. Field will appear with special guests at a panel discussion about the film and book at Town Hall in Cheltenham on 6 October.

Earlier this summer, Scream Factory answered the devilish prayers of horror fans by announcing The Omen Blu-ray collection deluxe edition that includes all five Omen films, and now they've revealed the full list of special features for the box set ahead of its release this October. Packed with hours of chilling special features,.

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You may want to say your prayers after this news. Each film inside the slipcover packaging will receive a dedicated blu-ray case featuring original theatrical artwork. Similar to how Shout! Factory presented the Critters box-set last year. Only 10, units of the set are being made. New and existing extras. Scream Factory is answering the devilish prayers of horror fans this October with The Omen Blu-ray collection deluxe edition that includes all five Omen films. The legendary s movie classic The Italian Job is returning to cinemas this summer to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Fresh out of prison, petty criminal Charlie Crocker Michael Caine has the plans for the ultimate heist — a four-million-dollar bullion robbery from an armoured car in Turin — fall into his lap. The film is an absolute classic and.

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  6. The time is , the Eisenhower years, and America is at the crossroads of remaining in a conservative, sexually repressed era in which women, regardless if they had a career or not, were supposed to be more interested in finding husbands. Hollywood mainstream pictures perpetuated this notion in the 50s with fare like Three Coins in the Fountain, an extremely popular romantic comedy upon its release.

    In fact, it received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.

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    One would think that would be fulfilling enough… but, no, all three. Cinematography: Milton R. Secondari Produced by Sol C. Siegel Directed by Jean Negulesco Back. Perhaps this movie will perk up your retinas — cameraman. Tonight's destination of choice is Italy. Starring Suzanne Pleshette and Troy Donahue as the opposite of Ugly Americans who find romance and heartbreak in the Italian capital, Delmer Daves ' Rome Adventure was one of the key romantic movies of the s.

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    Angie Dickinson and Rossano Brazzi co-star. Fans of his poetic Westerns — e. As an aside, Rome Adventure was, for whatever reason, a sizable hit in … Brazil. Who knows, maybe that's why Rome Adventure co-star Brazzi would find himself playing a Brazilian — a macho, traditionalist coffee plantation owner,. Mankiewicz As a teenager, many of my first and strongest movie impressions came not from the movies, but from certain critics. The great film historian Kevin Brownlow , who has devoted large sections of his life to restoring Abel Gance 's epic Napoleon , takes a dim view of this one.

    And indeed Austerlitz , a. It's a late film by a seventy-one-year-old director whose best work, by universal consensus, was in the silent era; it's a kind of belated sequel, the further adventures of Napoleon Bonaparte; it's a Salkind production. Incidentally, viewing the lavish sets for this movie, we can see how the Salkinds, those roving multinational mountebanks, ran up the unpaid studio bills in Yugoslavia which kept Orson Welles from building the elaborate vanishing sets he had planned for The Trial starting realistic, it would have ended up playing in a featureless void , necessitating the repurposing of a disused Parisian railway station.

    Maureen O'Hara : Queen of Technicolor. The two-time Best Actress Oscar winner To Each His Own, ; The Heiress , whose steely determination helped to change the way studios handled their contract players turned 99 last July 1.

    Valli has made over 80 additional films. Brazzi was truly one of the great romantic leading men to emerge in the film industry.

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    In over 50 years of acting, Brazzi performed in over movies, a score of TV series, winning several best actor awards in Italy and other European countries. He was born in Bologna in and attended law school in Florence.

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    When his parents were killed by the Fascists, Brazzi moved to Rome and joined a repertory company in Brazzi died December 24th, Giachetti abandoned the theater for cinema and made approximately 50 films during his career. A virile screen presence, he was considered at his best when playing the romantic, melancholy loner. Other Characters. Although, initially, his films were influenced by his brief stay in Hollywood in the early 's for MGM Studios, he successfully made the transition from musical comedies to historical dramas and ideological propaganda films when the tide of war changed the focus of filmmaking.

    All of his films are noted for their extreme realism, and have been lauded as anticipating the Neo-Realist movement that was to follow the end of the war. During his career, Alessandrini directed approximately 20 films.