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    A grand coalition would have a projected seats in parliament, from the rightwing parties and from the Democrats, but bring together some highly unlikely bedfellows in the pro-European centre left and the anti-immigration, EU-critical League. As such, it is seen as highly unlikely. This option, with parliamentary seats, also looks difficult to achieve politically. If there is no clear majority, the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella, could choose to leave the current centre-left government of Paolo Gentiloni in place, allowing time to set up a temporary government to organise new elections.

    That process could only start after parliament meets for the first time on 23 March. Provisional result.

    Provisional result

    Chamber of Deputies seats. Senate seats. The two houses are essentially equally powerful; the approval of both is needed to form a government, for instance. Since no coalition has a majority in either, deals need to be struck if a new election is to be avoided. Seats are awarded by a complex system involving both direct constituencies and proportional representation.

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